The Bukovanský Mill Complex

The Bukovanský Mill Complex

Folklore, wine traditions, and plenty of experiences under a mill's wings

Stay in the attic of the mill or in traditional cottages and enjoy Czech traditions and folklore to the fullest! Taste traditional regional dishes and local wines in a rustic cellar or rotunda. Enjoy the views of the surrounding vineyards...

Choose from themed weekend packages focusing on local traditions. Enjoy wine tasting, a tour of the surrounding wine cellars, cimbalom music, venison or fish feasts...

The whole area, built in the traditional rustic style of Moravian Slovakia (Slovácko) in the south of Moravia, is dominated by a lookout tower in the style of a windmill. Inside you can buy traditional folk pottery.

Have a mini-golf tournament right under the wings of the mill and then perhaps take a dip in the outdoor pool. Children will be thrilled by the goat and donkey enclosure and will love the pony rides.