Náš mlýn (Our Mill) is a romantic place in the middle of nature in the Olomouc region. Although not a château, the entire simple structure contains everything that is needed for a lovely wedding day.
Náš mlýn at Ochoz, a short way from the city of Olomouc, is a project about an escape into nature. Two young architects nearing the age of thirty, a freshly married couple, decided to return to their roots after 9 years of intense urban life. They love nature combined with architecture and a nice setting. What’s more, they approached the whole project sensitively and made use of natural materials.

From the outset they pursued the idea of meeting people of a similar mindset and offering them an environment where they may spend a nice time surrounded by beautiful nature. The authors do almost everything with the help of their family and friends. The mill is sort of a “small – big child” for them that keeps growing. They aim to create a top boutique hotel with six rooms and natural wellness facilities and perfect cuisine.