Honour and Grace Hotel is a first class ornament conveniently located in west Bohemia in the Czech Republic, belonging to the Karlovy Vary region. The hotel is nestled in a unique location, at the heart of the abundant, all-green Bohemian forest, among the tourist destinations Karlovy Vary, Ostrov, Jachymov and Bozi Dar.
Masterfully renovated -by paying attention to every detail- and highly equipped with all prestigious features and safety standards, our hotel is ready to warmly welcome you and offer you a chance to create a bouquet of lasting memories always accompanied by a discreet personalized service. Choose among our 20 elegant, comfortable rooms and Signature Honour & Grace Suite, complemented by the sophisticated “Royal Leaf “ Restaurant, the cozy “In the woods” Lounge, healing Private Spa area, fresh-breathing terrace, children’s playground, colourful garden and many more indoor and outdoor activities.

A wide variety of experiences to relish, such as family anniversaries and celebrations, weddings, romantic couple weekends, spa getaways, meetings and banquets, or everyday treats such as lunches, dinners, relaxing picnics and afternoon teas.