Museum of Olomoucké tvarůžky in Loštice
Try some genuine Olomoucké tvarůžky right on the spot where they are made. The tangy taste and aroma of these golden coins of maturing cheese will enchant all the gourmets among us. These delicacies were first mentioned in the 15th century. They are made from unset sour curd cheese and the whole two-stage process of maturation is a natural one. This cheese gains it inimitable flavour thanks to the natural conditions of the geographical area of Haná. A role is played by the nearby floodplain forests and water from the limestone and alluvial subsoil. In the original local tvarůžky factory, they will tell you everything you want to know about production and history of this delicacy. Take the real thing home with you at a discount price from the factory shop.