Šikland Amusement Park - the Wild West in Zvoly nad Pernštejnem
Experience the atmosphere of the American Wild West not far from Brno! Head to the western town in one of the biggest amusement parks in Czechia and meet cowboys and American Indians! 

What the Western Town Offers

The western town is the oldest part of the Šiklův mlýn (Shickle’s Mill) area and mimics the towns of the late 19th-century settlement of the American West. The town features saloons, cafes, hotels and restaurants, gambling halls, a town spa, a church with a cemetery, a sheriff's office with a jail, a Wild West Zoo, an Indian village, and a rodeo arena.

The natural amphitheater and western town square feature daily theatrical performances, western and dance shows, animal shows, nightly fire shows on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and much more.

They don't just have horses at Šikland. You'll see bison in the vast pastures. You can also admire the beautiful tigress Mia and in the western town, you will find a petting zoo with many other animals such as rabbits, pigeons, small birds, domestic hens and ducks, goats, sheep or even peacocks.

Enjoy (not only) Western Activities

  • theatre performances, western and dance shows, animal shows, parades

  • costume rentals, archery, Union Pacific train rides, electric bull ride, bouncy castle, rope park, trampolines, mirror maze, and more

  • visit to a gold miner's cabin, gold and gem panning

  • visit and guided tour of an American Indians’ village

  • zoo, aquapark with a water slide, lookout tower

  • horseback riding

  • stylish souvenir shops, restaurants, snacks, cafeteria

Accommodation at Šikland

Šiklův mlýn has a wide range of dining and accommodation facilities from a 3-star hotel, to log apartments, cabins, or mobile homes, to a camp. For holidays, there are also competitively priced service and entertainment packages that will take care of your entire week's programme.

A Trip to a Haunted Castle

Just 3 km from Šikland in the neighbouring village of Dolní Rožínka, you will have a lot of fun in the unique Draxomoor Haunted Castle, which was built in a historic granary from the 17th century. Upstairs you will find a spooky-fantastic exhibition, a 3D cinema, a haunted elevator, and a castle courtyard with a fairy-tale house on chicken legs, fairy-tale characters and a bouncy castle.