Český Krumlov, the gem of South Bohemia, takes pride in unique landmarks as well as the excellent local beer. The beer is brewed according to old recipes in the Historic Brewery of Český Krumlov, which you can find in the centre of the town. Come and taste the result of the honest brew master's craft!

What Do Excellent Beer, a Charming Chateau and Navigation Channel Have in Common?

The brewery follows the long tradition of beer making in this South Bohemian town. Beer has been brewed there since the thirteenth century. The brewery itself is over 400 years old and you can find in the historic centre on the bank of River Vltava, in a quarter called Latrán. It is linked to the House of Schwarzenberg, former co-owners who, in addition to Český Krumlov, also owned Třeboň or the charming Hluboká Chateau. The House of Schwarzenberg supported the development of the region to a considerable extent. Among other things, they built the famous Schwarzenberg Channel that was used for transporting wood all the way to Vienna.

What Delicacies to Have?

The brewery makes standard beer typical for Central Europe. They are lighter and stronger lagers, and one smoked lager, or dark beer. However, you can find several special brews during the year, such as the green Easter lager with nettles, special beers for the Five Petalled Rose Festival or strong Christmas beers. Seasonal specials also include various top fermented beers, such as American pale ale (APA), and bottom fermented beers, such as Indian pale ale (IPA), brewed according to various recipes.

Uncover the Secrets of the Production

The Historic Brewery is a microbrewery that offers the best ingredients and real craft. They have nothing to hide and are happy to invite visitors for tours. During the tour, you will learn all about the secrets of the production of the golden beverage, which you can naturally also taste. And don’t forget to grab a souvenir!