Words such as pils, pilsner or pilsener are known the whole world over. We have the brewery in Plzeň to thank for the creation of this legendary lager. If you are a fan of this amber nectar, Plzeň is a place you absolutely must visit. Behind the historical gates, two breweries await you with beer that is the family silver of the Czech lands. So “Cheers”!

The city of Plzeň exudes the history of beer and a medieval atmosphere. Whether you visit the Plzeň brewery, the Brewery Museum or the pubs in Plzeň, wherever you go, you will feel the living history which dates right back to the 13th century.

A gifted brewer and the legendary Plzeň brewery

The right to brew beer was granted to the citizens of Plzeň all the way back in 1295 by King Wenceslas II. However, the quality of the beer fluctuated significantly and a city councillor even had 36 barrels of bad quality beer poured away. This provided an impulse for foundation of the new “Citizens’ Brewery”. The first batch was brewed in the new brewery in the 19th century by the gifted Bavarian brewer Josef Groll from Vilshofen. A combination of Saaz hops, the soft water in Plzeň and lighter malt was a great success and kick-started the legendary production of Plzeň beer.

Try Pilsner Urquell right from the barrel

During a tour of the Plzeňský Prazdroj brewery, you will pass through the authentic surroundings of the place where the world famous lager Pilsner Urquell is made. You will view an exhibition of the ingredients used, the historical and current brew house and bottling plant. A true delicacy is then a tasting session of unfiltered beer, tapped from oak barrels. The next time somebody asks you where it was that you tasted the best beer ever you will certainly remember Plzeňský Prazdroj.

Try your hand at pouring a draught beer properly

During a tour of the second of the Plzeň breweries, Gambrinus, you can have fun in the interactive arena. If you want to become a true beer expert, training in how to tap and care for beer awaits you. You can round off the whole tour in the traditional Czech brewery restaurant “Na Spilce”, which is located on the premises of the former fermentation cellar.

The story of Pilsner beer

Unveil the history of Pilsner Urquell and discover the story of this brand as it unfolded both at the brewery and in the historical centre of the Pilsen City from its foundation.
A guide will show you the most interesting places connected with the brewing industry:

Tour of the Pilsner Urquell brewery, incl. a beer tasting in the brewery cellars

Tour of the Pilsen city centre, including the following stops:
- City water tower in Mlýnská strouha (Mill Ditch) park
- Náměstí republiky Square and St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral
- Historical town hall, feat. a model of the city
- Statue of General Patton – Great Synagogue
- Monasteries and beer in Pilsen
- Famous Pilsen restaurants

Tour times in English: Saturday at 16:00

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