Of course, the Czech Republic and Prague are well known for their beer tradition and consumption – Czech beer is literally cheaper than water – but, that reputation is largely focused on mass production. This country boasting the birthplace of the Pilsner lager (not to mention the highest beer consumption per capita!), has also joined the current micro-brewery boom. Around 40-50 new breweries are established every year, expanding on tradition and brewing all different styles, from traditional Pilsner lagers to heavy Imperial stouts. Even with the Czech Republic’s long-standing devotion to lager, modern styles are starting to grab a significant share of the market.
So, where in Prague should you go to truly taste and compare the best Czech beers? We’ve got some tips from the guides of the Prague Craft Beer Tour, Jakub and Martin, who are the first ones with their tour dedicated to presenting the best local craft beers to visitors from around the world.

1. Prague Craft Beer Spot

This place is newly open and a great representative of the current craft beer and food trend. It’s one of the most popular places on the Prague Castle side of the river, frequented by the locals living in this trendy area while welcoming the well-informed tourists who are discovering it. Take a beer-lover’s walk across the river from the historical Old Town, run by craft beer-lover Marek Taborsky, along a less-frequented path into Lesser Town to check out the modern industrial design, cuisine, and 10 different Czech craft beers on tap every week.
Location: Plaská 5, Malá Strana, Praha 5
Opening hours: Mon - Fri 11:30am - 11:30pm, Sat 2:00pm - 11:30pm
+420 257 219 855

2. Permanent Beer Fest

This place is nothing less than the largest craft beer garden in Central Europe. It's located in an old, industrial part of Prague, which has become a trendier area infused with new life by artists and
hipsters. Surrounded by nature and art, this is the perfect spot to enjoy a craft beer while escaping
escape the noise of downtown Prague. You’ll find a selection of 12 craft beers on tap and more than one hundred specials in bottles from around the globe. The bar and the kitchen are built into two shipping
containers, serving burgers, grilled meat, finger foods and seasonal Czech appetizers. Permanent Beer Fest is also dog-friendly and has a playground for kids, so feel free to bring the family!
Location: Kolbenova 923, Praha 9
Opening hours: Daily from March to October 3pm - 10pm
+420 602 366 306

3. Hostomická nalévárna

If you come to Prague wanting to feel like a local, this is the place to go. Hostomická
nalevárna is a small pub in the very heart of Prague’s city center where locals gather every
night to have their beloved craft lager. The pub offers three versions of their traditional lagers – two light and one dark – plus one seasonal tap. There is no kitchen, but they serve delicious Czech
bar snacks, such as pickled cheese or pork lard spread. The decoration hasn't changed since the
1980's, giving the place a unique atmosphere of a traditional Czech pub. You’ll want to come early, or
have a beer outside on the street, because this tiny place has only six tables. When in the historical center, this place is a must!
Location: Soukenická 17, Nové Město, Praha 1
Opening hours: Every day 14 - 23:00
+420 732 664 609

4. Dva Kohouti Brewery

Yes, this place is a real brewery, geniously located in the neighborhood of Karlín, where today you’ll find all of Prague’s gastronomic miracles. Dva Kohouti can be a little hard to find because the brewery and taproom are tucked inside an old courtyard and surrounded by office buildings, a restaurant called Lokál, and a bakery. These small businesses all work together.
The local brewed beer is a typical Pilsner lager, and other beers on tap are just brought from the
main facility located outside the city. Well worth visiting, as all the technology can be seen directly in
the taproom, and represents the current trend of industrial venues renovated to pubs. Also, visiting
this place brings you to one of the most beautiful parts of Prague.
Location: Sokolovská 81/55, Praha 8
Opening hours: Mon - Fri 16:00 - 2:00, Sat 12:00 - 2:00, Sun 12:00 - 22:00
+420 604 611 001