Gingerbread is an old delicacy that made the town of Pardubice, as well as other places, famous, even though the main boom in the gingerbread production did not come until the turn of the twentieth century.
The bakers of Pardubice use  special ingredients that are strictly kept secret. The original recipe included honey, flour and pepper. The last ingredient gave the product its Czech name – a mix of spices called ‘peprník’, later ‘perník’. The gingerbread from Pardubice is famous for its quality. The honest manual production guarantees that it does not go bad or turn rancid, its shape and decoration can last for years, and it might harden, but that’s not a problem either.

The gingerbread dough is cut out into various shapes – the heart is a popular shape. Gingerbread can also be round or shaped as various figures.