When the homemakers from Wallachia failed to make the perfect pie, they called it frgál. That no longer applies; quite the contrary, frgál is now a popular delicacy.
The giant pies (because the ‘real’ Wallachian frgál must be at least 30 centimetres wide) have been baked based on the same recipe for several centuries. Their charm lies in the thin dough and a lot of aromatic filling – pear, cottage cheese, poppy seeds, apple and plum butter, but you might find less typical fillings in many places, such as apricot, nut, blueberry, greengage or pumpkin. The Valachy Resorts, which combines three hotels in Velké Karlovice, offers frgál for purchase, but you can also enrol in a baking course and make your own frgál under the supervision of local bakers.