Saddle of lamb with potato dumplings and sloe sauce

Saddle of lamb with potato dumplings and sloe sauce

It takes a while before you can move the meal from the oven onto the table. All good things take time, and a plate full of rosemary, bacon and plum aroma will fully reward you for your trouble. This recipe is an east Moravian speciality.

4 steaks from a saddle of lamb, 200 g each
4 rosemary sprigs
60 g bacon
ground pepper
oil for frying
a splash of beer

Potato dumplings:
100 g speck
800 g potatoes boiled whole and then peeled
200 g coarse flour
2 eggs

Sloe sauce:
80 g bacon
250 g plum butter
200 g dried prunes

Cut the saddle of lamb into four pieces, push bacon and rosemary sprigs into the meat, season with salt and pepper. Sear the steaks in hot oil on both sides, add some beer for baking.

Potato dumplings
Chop the speck into small cubes, roast it, set aside. You will need it for serving. Grate the potatoes finely and mix them with the remaining ingredients until you have semi-solid dough. Put some of the dough on a cutting board and quickly cut off small bits with a knife or spoon into a pot of boiling salted water. When cooked, take the dumplings out with a sieve and place them in a bowl, where you mix them with the speck.

Sloe sauce
Roast bacon pre-cut into small cubes, add the plum butter, some water if needed, and cook. In the end, add the dried prunes and season with a pinch of salt.