Originally, Zeman Café used to stand near the Janáček Theatre, but today you can find it in the centre of Brno, about 200 metres from its original location. The reason? The building of the café was demolished to allow for the construction of the Janáček Theatre. Today, you can visit the replica of the original café built in 1994. Since no photos of the original interior were preserved, contemporaries were asked to help. However, they did not always agree and so the interior was furnished with furniture from the 1920s and 1930s.
Today, it is called the Restaurant Pavilion and almost no one has any idea that it was once among the first strictly functionalist buildings not only in Brno, but in the whole of Czechoslovakia as well. Pavillon Restaurant was created by combining two Brno phenomena – the famous Zeman café and the legendary Restaurant U Kastelána. The functionalist building in Koliště Park has a vast array of flavors and scents in any form. The classic cuisine of the area enriches the glamorous new gourmet experiences of modern European cuisine without borders.