Café Louvre

Café Louvre

Visit the Prague café near the National Theatre with an unsurpassable atmosphere, where famous personalities such as Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein used to go.

You can have coffee just like in Vienna, home cooking or homemade treats anywhere, but only Café Louvre offers the unmatched atmosphere of the early 1900s. And as in any café of that time, in Café Louvre you can read a daily newspaper while enjoying your coffee, or play true café sports – snooker, checkers or chess.

Café Sports Do Well Here

Café Louvre is located in the centre of Prague on Národní třída near the National Theatre. And even though its name refers to France (the café is called after the Parisian museum, Louvre), the furnishings and the overall look of the café reminds us more of Vienna. In addition to excellent coffee, you can have breakfast there in the morning, but Café Louvre is also made for lunch or afternoon coffee or tea while playing chess or checking the current news. You can find German and British newspapers there as well. The one thing you will not find there is Wi-Fi. And so, instead of surfing Facebook, you can have an interesting chat with friends and enjoy the atmosphere of the first half of the 20th century.

A Place Where Kafka and Einstein Used to Go

The café was restored in 1992 after almost 50 years. After February 1948, when the communist party took over the former Czechoslovakia, the entire furnishings of the café were destroyed. However, today there is a café, a restaurant, a sweetshop with a snooker room, and in the summer, also a summer terrace. The house in which the café is located was built in 1902 and it was called Palace Louvre, and it was obvious what name the café on the first floor would have. From the very beginning of its existence, famous guests used to go there, such as German writers Otto Pick and Franz Werfel, Franz Kafka, as well as Albert Einstein during his Prague professorship.