The Artisan is a culinary journey fashioned around delicious local products, where a variety of flavors, stylish excellence, and the joy of eating await you. The emphasis here is on artisanal production and careful selection of farmers and suppliers of ingredients.

The restaurant in the center of Prague focuses on modern Czech cuisine using quality ingredients sourced almost exclusively from no more than 200 km away or grown on-site in a unique sprout and herb cultivator. The choice of local farmers and suppliers of ingredients reflects seasonality and quality. You’ll be able to enjoy the theater kitchen, where The Artisan’s culinary masters create a sumptuous taste of Czechia right in front of your eyes.

"I choose our suppliers carefully, it’s often a long-term cooperation with people whom I know and trust for a long time. We mainly choose ingredients that come from our region, which guarantees the freshness, variety, and, of course, environmental friendliness." 
David Rejhon, Executive Chef