A place of pilgrimage for beer connoisseurs, one of the most popular pubs in Prague and undoubtedly the most famous pub in Prague - the renowned U Fleků brewery and restaurant is all of these and more.

The first written mention of the enterprise dates back to 1499, when the house was bought by the brewer Vít Skřemenec. U Fleků brewery is the only brewery in Central Europe, where the beer has been brewed for more than 500 years without a break. The atmosphere of the ancient House is emphasized by the decoration and stylish guest rooms and all the meeting rooms. From the most famous and distinctive hall of the Academy, where in the last century famous figures of Czech culture met, to Václavka with its stained glass as well as the Knights' Hall decorated and furnished in a romantic spirit. In eight halls and in the outdoor garden, our brewery restaurant offers comfortable seating for more than 1,200 visitors. The most famous local beer is the Dark Flekovský 13° lager.