Take a peek into the production of ‘Olomouc tvarůžky’ - traditional Moravian ripened cheese with a pungent flavour and a strong aroma. It was created in old brewery cellars with ideal climatic conditions for the ripening of tvarůžky. You can also visit the local microbrewery or enjoy the beer and tvarůžky in the restaurant.

During the Olomouc tvarůžky excursion, you will get a glimpse into the secrets of production through an excursion window, walk through the cheese-making exhibition and, of course, taste the legendary aromatic cheese. The tour starts at 2 p.m. every Saturday in the high season (April to September) and every second Saturday in the low season. Booking is recommended.

After the cheese-making excursion, you can continue with the brewery excursion at 3 p.m. During the tour, you will see the brewery cellars, taste beer directly from the tank, and learn how to tap the beer properly.

You can also enjoy the tvarůžky (try it fried or in the form of tartare) and the beer from the Tvarg microbrewery in the local restaurant.


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