Villa Savoy Spa Park Hotel
Situated at the edge of a woodland park, the Villa Savoy is just a few minutes walk from the spa town centre. Apart from cosy accommodation it offers a wide range of wellness treatments and pampering. You can try, for example, an underwater massage or Finnish and infra-red saunas or pop in for a refreshing drink or bite to eat at the coffee bar with a fireplace or restaurant catering for fans of Czech dishes as well as international cuisine.
Mariánské Lázně and the neighbouring area of the hotel is an ideal place for walks. You can set out for the Spa Colonnade with the Singing Fountain or for the Ferdinand Spring Colonnade and on your way you can make the most of dozens of healing springs, scattered around the place. Right behind the Villa Savoy you will find a geological park with a nature trail displaying rocks from various sites of Slavkov Forest.


Villa Savoy Spa Park Hotel ****
Chopinova 498/8
353 01 Mariánské Lázně