Currency, Payments, Prices and Tips
The official currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech crown (Kč/CZK)

CZK 1 = 100 halers, but you will be able to see these in the Czech Republic only on price labels. When you make payment you will not use halers or get them back in change. Prices are subject to rounding. For example: if the price is 299 crowns and 75 halers, you will pay 300 crowns. And if it is 159 crowns and 20 halers, you will pay 159 crowns.

Many shops, restaurants as well as tourist centres accept Euros. But you should not be surprised that particularly in shops any change returned will be in Czech crowns.

The exchange rate of a crown to a Euro and other currency can be checked at the website of the Czech National Bank  and European Central Bank.

Coins: CZK 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 
Banknotes: CZK 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 
  • In exchange offices. Foreign currency exchange offices are not permitted to charge fees for the exchange of currency. A single foreign exchange office may only use a single exchange rate. It is no longer possible to use any preferential VIP rates. If you believe that a currency exchange transaction was unfavourable, you can cancel it within three hours after the purchase of currency. You must do so at the same foreign exchange office during its working hours. Keep the receipt after your exchange and check that it contains the correct date and time of transaction. The foreign exchange office is only obligated to return amounts up to EUR 1,000.

  • In banks. The fee charged for currency exchange ranges around 2 %. Some banks add the condition of the minimum fee (for example CZK 30). Banks in the Czech Republic are shut at weekends and on public holidays.

  • In hotels. You can exchange your money for crowns even in the hotel where you stay. However, they too may charge some fees.


Never exchange money on the street. Don’t accept offers from people who are offering an excellent exchange rate outside of an exchange office, bank or different institution.


Prices of services differ greatly depending on where you are. Traditionally, the most expensive accommodation and restaurants are found in town centres. Nonetheless, even in the middle of Prague it is possible to get a good and cheap meal. The price of one set lunch, offered by most restaurants, ranges around 120 crowns (€5, $5,5). For this price you will usually get the main course and soup. Dinner for one, including a starter, drink, main course and dessert can amount to about 500 crowns (€20, $23) in an ordinary restaurant. Obviously, the price goes up depending on the location of restaurant and its standard.

Accommodation in a hostel will cost you on average around 400 crowns (€16, $18) a night per one person. For a room in an ordinary hotel you will usually pay something between 2500 to 4500 crowns (€100 – 180, $115 – 205) a night, more luxurious accommodation will come to approx. 7 000 crowns (€280, $320). The quality of accommodation in the Czech Republic is overseen by the Association of Hotels and Restaurants.

Approximate prices of basic food in Czech shops:

Bottle of still water (0.5 l) – CZK 15
Bottled beer (0.5 l) – CZK 20
Wine (0.7 l) – CZK 100
Bread (0.5 kg) – CZK 25
Cheese (100 g) – CZK 30
Yogurt (150 g) – CZK 12
Ham (100 g) – CZK 30

Approximate prices of admission fees and other services:

Cinema ticket – CZK 180
Theatre ticket – CZK 300 or more
Concert ticket – CZK 500 or more

Admission to castles and chateaux

CZK 100 – CZK 350

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