Up to the Springs

Up to the Springs

Take a trip against the flow!

Up to the Springs
Awaken the explorer in you and take a trip to the springs of Bohemian, Moravian and Silesian rivers! You’ll be surprised how much beauty the springs in the mountains offer. You’ll discover the wilderness as well as beautifully maintained chateau parks. Take a trip against the flow!

Vltava – To the Spring of the Longest Czech River

Vltava is the longest Czech river and you can explore it mostly in Prague, which it divides into two parts in the centre. But the spring of the river is much more to the south, in the Šumava Mountains, on the slopes of Mount Černá near the village of Kvilda. There, you can follow the marked blue hiking trail to the spring, about 6 kilometres long. The Vltava spring allegedly has curative properties thanks to the content of dissolved salts and metals. And where to eat after the trip to the spring of River Vltava? Follow the red trail from the spring to Modrava where you can refresh yourselves in the Lyer Brewery!


Labe – From a Small Stream to the Largest Czech River

River Labe, the largest Czech river, starts in the Krkonoše Mountains. The spring can be found on the Labská meadow near the Polish border. There, you will a stone wall with metal coats-of-arms of cities that the river flows through on its journey to the Northern Sea. The Labe spring lies at an altitude of 1,387 metres, offering a beautiful view of the surroundings. The spring is best accessible from Špindlerův mlýn along the blue trail; however, be ready for a day hike in high mountains! You’ll see several beautiful waterfalls along the trail and if you take a detour, you can even get to a scenic vista where you will see the Pančavský waterfall, the highest Czech waterfall and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country! You can make the trip a bit shorter by taking a bus that will take you almost to the peak, from where it is only about 3 kilometres along the mountain ridge to the spring.

Morava – A River from the Roof of Europe

Králický Sněžník, the third highest Czech mountain range, through which the main European watershed passes, is rightly called the Roof of Europe. It is the divide between the Northern Sea, Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. The spring of River Morava can be found below the peak of the same name: it is arranged as a well. From there, the mountain stream flows down to the valley and continues its journey through Moravia. And how to get to the spring? The hike is long. You can only get there on foot, following marked trails. It is 7 kilometres from Stříbrnice, or 9 kilometres from Dolní Morava. One of the most beautiful trails to the Morava spring, a bit longer, goes across the Klepáč peak, from where water flows into three European seas.

Odra – A River Spring Only Accessible on Weekends

River Odra starts in Nízký Jeseník in Moravia. The spring is formed by dozens of trickles visible in the rainy season or when the snow melts. To make the spring always available, a well has been recently built. However, the spring lies in the Libavá military site near Kozlov and the Czech Army organises training in the military domain; therefore, access to the domain, including the Odra spring, is only permitted on weekends or bank holidays when there is no training and the area is safe to the public.

Berounka – A Romantic River with No Spring

River Berounka is a record-breaking river when it comes to tributaries. It is formed by four rivers and Berounka is called a river from the confluence of Mže and Radbuza in Plzeň in West Bohemia. Berounka is one of the most beautiful rivers in the country: it is natural, unregulated and it winds through rich alluvial forests and deep valleys. Since the river is navigable almost along its entire stream, you can take a canoe or raft down Berounka. There are plenty of rental shops, campsites and restaurants along the river, such as Hostinec U Rozvědčíka that is almost one century old. You’ll also see some beautiful castles along the river, such as Karlštejn or Křivoklát, and discover the amazing nature of the Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area that is aspiring to be ‘promoted’ to a national park.

Orlice – A River That Gave a Name to a Mountain Range

River Orlice can be found in East Bohemia and it flows into River Labe in Hradec Králové. However, its spring is far in the north, in the Orlické Mountains, called after the river. And what interesting things can you see along River Orlice, known as Divoká Orlice in the area? The Podorlicko region attracts visitors with the exceptional number of castles and chateaux as the river there has created a similar phenomenon to the French Loire. Moreover, you’ll find chateaux there that are still owned by noble families and you can easily meet the owners in the hallways, who still live there today. There are four chateaux in an area of about 10 kilometres – Častolovice, Doudleby, Nový zámek in Kostelec nad Orlicí, Potštejn, and the Potštejn and Litice castles. Combine a tour of the expositions with the chateau café, a stroll through a blooming park or with cycling: there is a beautiful cycling trail along Divoká Orlice.