Come and see Domažlice – the historic centre of the Chodsko region!

Multi-hued Renaissance houses resting on Gothic arcading, traditions and folklore kept very much alive and beautifully unspoilt countryside – these are the things that make Domažlice a popular day-trip destination on the border with Germany. The best time to visit the town is August when the annual Chod celebrations take place. This is the time to savour the town’s atmosphere and everything that goes with it.

The town’s historic centre is soothing for the soul. To this day a large number of beautiful townhouses and other valuable pieces of architecture in many building styles have been preserved. The town centre is also the ideal place to take a seat in one of the local cafes and watch the world go by.

A picturesque town of folk celebrations

One of the most significant sights in Domažlice is Chodský Castle. The building now houses the Chodsko Museum, which acquaints visitors with traditional life in this distinctive town. Next to the Church of the Virgin Mary on the main square rises the skyline-dominating leaning tower which has a cylindrical form. An integral part of the square is the Dolejší Gate, which completes the quaint look of the historic core.

A region of border guards

The town of Domažlice is the heart of the Chodsko region. This part of the country boasts many folk traditions, including some colourful costumes and a rich array of folk events. The Chods are an ethnic group from around Domažlice who were given the task of guarding the border between Bohemia and Bavaria. These people were the direct subjects of the king and won many privileges and rights for the service they performed.

In a year and a day!

Following their victory at the Battle of White Mountain, the Habsburgs began to rescind some of the Chods’ rights. Things came to a head when Kozina, the leader of a Chod revolt, was hung and a further 70 people were thrown into prison on the orders of General Lomikar. Just before Kozina was executed he predicted that Lomikar would meet his maker in exactly a year and a day. As predicted, hated Lomikar died exactly a year later while celebrating Kozina’s demise.



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