Baroque Přeštice

Baroque Přeštice

Visit the monumental church and the birthplace of a Czech Baroque composer

One of the most beautiful Rural Baroque sites is the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Přeštice. It is valued for its architecture, interior decorations and its unique position in the landscape. However, Baroque did not influence only the world of architecture, as the town is the birthplace of the world famous Baroque composer Jakub Jan Ryba. His musical composition “Czech Christmas Mass” is played during the Advent Season in churches and many other places.

Monumental church on a hill

A church has stood on a hill in Přeštice in Western Bohemia not far from Plzeň for almost a thousand years. In the first half of the 18th century, the capacity of the original Gothic church was no longer sufficient so it was replaced by the monumental church in Baroque style. Its construction took place from 1750 to 1775 following the outstanding design of Kilian Ignatius Dientzenhofer, who directed the construction until his death in 1751. Interestingly, the tower domes were completed following the original plans as late as 1995, when the church received an extensive makeover.

Czech Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without Baroque music

The town of Přeštice is also known as the birthplace of Jakub Jan Ryba, a teacher by profession and Baroque music composer by volition. He collected folk songs and composed more than 1300 pieces of music. Being considered the most famous of his compositions, the Czech Christmas Mass definitely must not be missing from the repertoire of any choir at Christmas.