Šumava in winter

Šumava in winter

The Šumava Mountains in winter – a feast for all the senses!

At the end of autumn, when the vast plains of the Šumava Mountains become blanketed with snow, the whole area starts to change into a winter wonderland. It is an ideal holiday destination for anyone who loves skiing, ice skating, active relaxation and good food. Šumava is a peaceful corner of the Czech Republic with a long tradition of winter sport – as much a part of the region as its mysterious moors, beautiful glacial lakes, deep forests and distant views, which gave it the nickname the “green roof of Europe”. Come and enjoy Šumava’s extraordinary beauty!

Probably the best way to enjoy a perfect a perfect winter day in Šumava is to put on some cross-country skis and set out to explore nature on the local cross-country trails. Thanks to the plateau-like terrain in many places, you can see kilometres of perfectly groomed trails open up on the horizon. The most popular ones are found mainly around Zadov, Modrava, Kvilda and Churáňov. Treat yourself to a unique outing to the nature reserve Prameny Vltavy (Springs of the Vltava River) or to one of the glacial lakes shrouded in mysterious fog.

On the slopes of the green roof of Europe

If you prefer downhill skiing or snowboarding, you will not be disappointed in Šumava. Just head to one of the local ski resorts. The most important one is Špičák in Železná Ruda, which, together with the resorts on the German side of the border, ranks among the largest Central European ski centres outside the Alps. You will also find groomed slopes in Zadov, Nové Hutě and on the banks of the largest Czech reservoir, Lipno, where you can set aside your skis for a while and set off on the longest ice skating track in the world.

Let a sense of well-being wash over you

How best to regenerate a body weary from a long day of winter fun? Just immerse yourself in the pleasant world of wellness and recharge your batteries for your next Šumava adventure. Why not try a chocolate massage or a kiss of the sea at the Frymburk Wellness Hotel on the banks of the Lipno Reservoir? Or, surrounded by relaxing music and flickering candlelight, you can take an evening swim in the sea world of the Horizont Hotel in Železná Ruda.

Treat yourself to some Šumava specialties

What would a holiday be if it did not also offer something to delight your taste buds? Šumava is a region known not only for active movement but also for its excellent food. Put aside your skis or snowboard for a while and follow your nose to some of the local eateries. Why not try the roast duck with dumplings at the Hotel Nové Údolí in Stožec or some Šumava zelník (sauerkraut-stuffed potato dumplings) at the Hotel Srní. If you have a sweet tooth, try the trhanec (torn crêpes) with blueberries at the Šumava Inn Hotel in Kvilda. The celebrated kulajda (mushroom and potato soup with egg) at the Hotel Vydra in Srní will warm you up perfectly. The only other thing you need for maximum enjoyment is a dewy glass of the Czech national beverage – an excellent one to sample is the semi-dark lager at the Šumavský Brewery in Vimperk!