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Jewish Landmarks in Vysočina
Do you know where you can find the only standalone Jewish landmark outside Jerusalem inscribed by UNESCO? In Třebíč! Winding cobbled streets, miniature yards, low doors, passageways, a square as big as the palm of your hand... The Třebíč Jewish Town is the only completely preserved landmark of its kind in Europe and the local Jewish cemetery is one of the largest in Czechia.
The Jewish Quarter in Třebíč

The Jewish Quarter in Třebíč

Two synagogues, an old cemetery and narrow streets with a unique atmosphere - all this and much more can be discovered in the Jewish quarter in Třebíč, which is one of the best preserved and largest in Europe. Because of their cultural and historical significance, the houses of the former ghetto, together with the Jewish cemetery and St. Prokop's Basilica, were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as the first independent Jewish monument outside Israel.