The Rear Synagogue in Třebíč
The old Třebíč Jewish Quarter is unique as a whole. However, within it visitors will find several stunning sights deserving of a tour of their own. Among them is unquestionably the Rear Synagogue, which is also known as the New School, the Upper Prayer Hall and the New Synagogue.  
The Rear Synagogue in Třebíč was built in 1669 or shortly before then. The Jewish community wanted to expand it in 1693 but met opposition from the local nobility and there was even a danger the building would be knocked down. In the end only the roof was demolished. It was only when Johann Karl von Waldstein became owner of the dominion in 1705 that renovation work was permitted. It included traditional Baroque painting in the interior, some of which is preserved to this day. The synagogue was used to hold services for the last time in 1926, subsequently serving as a store. It fell into disrepair and faced demolition, a threat averted by a renovation completed in 1997. The synagogue today houses an exhibition on Jewish culture and a unique five-metre model of the Jewish Quarter as it looked in 1850. In 2007 it was the venue for the local premiere of the children’s opera Brundibár – which was originally performed by children in the Terezín ghetto – featuring kids from local schools and theatre groups.