Every winter, as soon as the local slopes become cloaked in shimmering snow, the Novoměstsko area turns into a perfect cross-country paradise. Due to its favourable location on the border of the historical lands of Bohemia and Moravia in the heart of Vysočina, its altitude, its beautiful scenery, and good climatic conditions, it is one of the most important cross-country ski centres in the Czech Republic. You can spend your winter holiday here on prepared tracks leading through romantic remote villages but also on excellently groomed trails where each year the cross-country elite from all over the world come here to race.

The natural centre of this cross-country kingdom is Nové Město na Moravě. In its vicinity are 100 kilometres of carefully groomed tracks intended mainly for classic style skiing. The area around the Hotel Ski and the Ochoza forest at the edge of Nové Město is where the Golden Skis race takes place. Since it is part of the World Cup, it regularly hosts the best cross-country skiers on the planet, who speak highly of the local track. You can try it out for yourself!

Downhill and uphill

The largest concentration of groomed trails can be found northeast of the town. Whether you are a beginner or can easily manage more demanding routes, there is something for everyone here. Among the easiest trails is the 7-kilometre circuit around Tři Studně (Three Wells) in one of the loveliest parts of the Žďárské vrchy protected area. A circuit of the same length around Fryšava leads to Nové Město’s only downhill slope, Harusův hill. If you like rolling landscapes, then you’ll enjoy the trails around Jimramov – the local cross-country circuit is nearly 16 kilometres long.

Enjoy the whole day on skis

Do you want a more strenuous workout? Can you handle over 40 kilometres? If so, then head to the Kadovský vánek cross-country circuit, leading from the Hotel Ski through Vlachovice, Kadov, Medlov and Sykovec and back to Nové Město. A circuit of similar length is called Putování Novoměstskem, or wandering through the Nové Město region. It starts at the Nové Město railway station and continues through Zubří, Jimramov, Kuklík and Jelení skalka.

Ski through Vysočina

The Novoměstsko region also offers good connections to trails of up to 200 kilometres in length. Your exploration of this beautiful corner of Vysočina can be expanded to include Bystřicko, which has two tracks for classic style skiing, and the area around Žďár nad Sázavou. Near the local Pilská Reservoir, several circuits are regularly groomed for classic style as well as skate skiing.


SKI SNOWPARK, Malá 153, 592 31 Nové Město na Moravě