The charm of Czech porcelain beauties from Lesov

The charm of Czech porcelain beauties from Lesov

Are you looking for an original souvenir that will please your loved ones? Bet on traditional Czech porcelain

The charm of Czech porcelain beauties from Lesov
You will love porcelaine designed by renowned designers. Porcelain beauties are handmade in Lesov near Karlovy Vary. Mugs, plates or teapots were ordered by President Václav Havel at Prague Castle and are appreciated by collectors around the world.
The spa town of Karlovy Vary has been attracting visitors from all over Europe since the 18th century. They liked to join the spectacular promenade, elegant hotels and the culture of dining on the famous porcelain from Karlovy Vary. Its main supplier was the Thun factory, which has been operating in several branches near the west Bohemian town since 1794 and is the largest porcelain producer in the Czech Republic.

Collection Dvorak

Presidential solo

In Karlovy Vary, however, there are not only factories where porcelain is mass-produced, but you will also find a manufactories like in village of Lesov, which specializes in handicrafts. "Our workshop was founded in 1901, to this day we have a number of tools that have been used in the last century. We continue the tradition of honest craftsmanship, so each piece of porcelain is original. Book an excursion to our workshop and you will see how a tea cup or saucer is made by hand and we will show you hand glazing, which requires great patience and precision" says company spokeswoman Monika Fialová. Originality and skill were appreciated by an international expert committee at the World Exhibition. EXPO 58 in Brussels. "At that time, a unique coffee collection was created in Lesov, designed by Professor Jaroslav Ježek. He won the Expo Grand Prize for it. We made another important order for President Václav Havel, who in 1999 ordered a dinner set for Prague Castle from us. The author of the design is Jiří Laštovička, who has been cooperating with our studio for many years, ”says Monika Fialová.

Downtown collection

Classic and experiment

The traditional craft is still maintained in this company. It has been operating under the Ateliér JM Lesov / Thun Studio brand since 2012. They offer not only porcelain solitaires, but also dinner sets and tea or coffee collections. The masters in the forest workshop work with white porcelain, which is decorated with glaze, real cobalt, gold or platinum, but they also experiment with metal and glass. If you like the noble purist style of the British series Downton Manor, then you will definitely choose the collection of the same name, designed by Jiří Laštovička. On the contrary, those who prefer experiments will choose the richly decorated Jules Verne tea set. This famous writer was fascinated by the latest technology and dreamed of an adventurous life in the air or underwater. You will feel almost like a submarine when you look at a teapot with a glass hole and a metal frame. Through the round window you can see the tea falling to the bottom of the teapot. The Lesovská manufactory is also proud of other world-famous personalities, and thanks to that you will find in their portfolio a collection called Antonín Dvořák, which is decorated with parts of the scores of the famous Czech composer.

Downtown collection

Favorable investment

Monika Fialová says that the products from their company are owned not only by politicians, diplomats, but also by foreign guests of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. "Our porcelain is also appreciated by collectors around the world, because they are aware of how the artistic value of individual works has increased over the years. We have a lot of customers from Russia and Ukraine, thanks to the fact that rich Russians have been going to Karlovy Vary since the 18th century, and this tradition continues to this day. We are pleased that even the youngest Russian generation knows that porcelain is a good investment. Our customers can appreciate quality craftsmanship and original design, "says Monika Fialová.          

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