Snow amphibian lady from the Czech Republic
Ester "STR" Ledecká, the best Czech downhill skier and snowboarder, burst into the world carousel of alpine disciplines like a hurricane. At the Winter Olympics in Pyongyang in 2018, she unexpectedly won a gold medal in the Super G. Many remember her puzzled expression as she stared as her name shone in the first place just after the finish. Then she added the second, already expected gold, in snowboarding. She will be one of the hot favorites again at the World Championships in Alpine Disciplines in Cortina, Italy, which starts this week.
Ester is well described as a "Martian". There are several reasons for this. As the first athlete in Olympic history, she won in two different winter sports at one Winter Olympics. She is also the first Czech alpine skier to win Olympic gold and the first Olympian in Czech history to compete in skiing and snowboarding.

Moreover, although from the Czech Republic, which does not have nearly as good conditions as the Alpine countries, she shines in speed disciplines - in downhill and super G. And then there is its distinctive approach, specific humor. Or a small closed team, which is almost always accompanied by a "head coach" and a "head manager", mother Zuzana (former figure skater) and father Janek, by the way a successful rock musician, also known from the musical world. For all this, the world media writes about her in superlatives. The BBC even called Ledecká's victory in Pyongyang "one of the most amazing Olympic stories of all time."

Designed overalls

When you watch "STR" during a race, you must have fun. Not only does she have a specific aggressive style, but all the while you hear her screams, a kind of mini-commentaries that she lets out aloud while skiing. After all, if the screams during the game help the world's tennis players, why shouldn't a downhill skier use this permitted doping.
She also differs from other skiers, among whom she has gained strong respect, in her clothing. Overalls for skis and snowboards (differing in cut and workmanship) from the Czech manufacturer Don Quiet are designed by brother Jonáš, a very good draftsman and comics lover. "I decided to make Ester a superhero," another successor of the artistic (and sports) family said about the sister some time ago. "When she went with the back injury at the Olympics in Sochi and I drove her to rehabilitation, I thought that she must be half a robot if all this can last," said Ledecký, adding that the overalls are dominated by the STR logo. "That's how Esterka signed the pictures when she was little girl." And that's why she looks like a superhero from the Avengers in overalls from his workshop.

Hunger for victory

And that's not all. Ester Ledecká is also famous for her approach to both racing and training. She always wants to be the best, she has a goal, a constant hunger for victory and skiing. Coaches often have to pull her off the piste, because the Czech star wants to keep adding.
She likes to ski everywhere, even in the Czech Republic, especially during difficult covid-19 times. From the Czech mountains, she likes to try it in the largest winter resort in Špindlerův Mlýn, Krkonoše Mountains, but also in the Jeseníky Mountains at Červenohorské sedlo close to the Polish boarder, where snow stays for a long time even during the warm period.

After all, she trains hard even in the summer. She tries kickboxing, beach volleyball, and does excellent windsurfing. By the way, the summer training was compiled until recently by her grandfather Jan Klapáč, the hockey world champion from 1972.
Her extraordinary approach is also reflected in her relationships. Although sometimes there are tears and rage, every press conference, every statement after the race starts by thanking the team. "I respect all the people around me, I want to thank them, they are all important," you hear from her almost every time.
Such is Ester Ledecká.