Try Czech Cuisine in Spa Towns and Cities
The Czech Republic is not only known for splendid natural sceneries and a multitude of historic sights, but also for many world-famous spa locations. During your spa and wellness stays in the Czech Republic, you can also relish gourmet experiences while pampering your body. Certified Czech Specials restaurants await you in all the important Czech spa towns and cities and they guarantee quality services and, above all, excellent Czech cooking, whether prepared in a traditional or trendy fashion.

Mariánské Lázně

In Mariánské Lázně, which even Goethe, Chopin and King Edward VII would visit to undergo treatment by drinking mineral water, you’ll find the Gourmet Hotel & Restaurant Villa Patriot in a 19th century villa. An interestingly situated restaurant is located in the town centre in the close vicinity of a forest and spa park. The world-known colonnade and its promenades is just a 5-minute walk from the restaurant through a pleasant park. The renowned kitchen of this restaurant offers a modern twist on traditional Czech meals using local ingredients. In the season, the menu will surely offer venison or fish prepared in some interesting fashion, and Czech specialties in a trendy inventive form will definitely be waiting for you.

Karlovy Vary

Those staying in the famous spa city of Karlovy Vary, which globally ranks in first place with its thirteen hot mineral springs, shouldn’t miss a visit to the Grand Hotel Pupp. Its history dates all the way back to 1701, and it hosted many famous film stars during their visits to the international film festival. The certified restaurants it houses are based on three mainstays: fresh and genuine ingredients, proven local suppliers and traditional recipes of Czech cuisine, executed in the best way. When visiting Karlovy Vary, don’t forget to try the “fourteenth healing spring”, the well-known Becherovka herbal liqueur (bitters).


Culinary experiences are also offered in south Bohemia and the spa town of Třeboň, which is known for its healing mud baths. Hotel Zlatá Hvězda in the town’s centre houses a certified restaurant bearing the telling name Zdejší kuchyně (“Local Cuisine”). In the Zdejší kuchyně restaurant menu you’ll find dishes made from local ingredients and, since Třeboň is famous for fish farming, fish specialties are also included. You can try delicious fish soup, carp, pikeperche or amur made in various ways. Even those who don’t really fancy fish can make a good choice there as the menu offers excellent southern-Bohemian specialties.


There are also renowned spas located in Moravia. Two certified restaurants can be found near the mountain spa town of Lipová and spa town of Jeseník, which surely have a lot to surprise you with. The picturesque mountain Guesthouse Kovárna is well-known, among other things, for excellent soups, roast goose and fluffy fruit dumplings. The Kolštejn Restaurant in Horní Branná offers local regional specialties and its own excellent beer, brewed directly on site.


In Luhačovice, the largest Moravian spa town, gourmets will surely be impressed by traditional Moravian and Bohemian specialties that are served in one of a few French restaurants in Czechia, in the Wellness & SPA Hotel Alexandria. We recommend a homemade pâté or the great Czech specialty of roast beef sirloin in cream sauce with bread dumplings. And don’t forget about Luhačovice traditional local Luhačovická bylinná digestif, which you’ll certainly like after a hearty lunch.