Where to go in Prague for Czech food and beer
Czechs love beer. They are rightly proud of it. Where do Czech folk go for a pint? Czech beer is drunk mainly in traditional Czech pubs, but recently, many modern pubs have been established, where mainly younger guests visit. Good beer is also an integral part of a good meal. So where to go for a beer and excellent food in Prague? The blue logo on the doors of certified Czech Specials restaurants can be your guide.

Traditional pubs where Pilsen is served

If you respect tradition and are attracted to history, you should definitely visit the famous Prague restaurant U Pinkasů, which was the first restaurant to start tapping the famous Pilsner beer in 1843. On the menu, you will find traditional Czech specialties and small beer appetisers. The certified restaurant U Pinkasů, which you will find just a few steps away from Wenceslas Square, also boasts a beautiful inner courtyard garden, where you can take in the splendour of historic Prague.

Anyone who visits Dejvice in Prague and works up an appetite for good food and beer must not miss the certified restaurant Kulaťák. There is Pilsner Urquell on the tap and we recommend, for instance, the roasted pork knee or pork ribs with a black beer reduction, but everyone will find something they like here.

Modern pubs and brewing innovations

Czech gastronomy is, of course, constantly evolving, and Czech pubs are also transforming. Modern interiors and interesting Czech cuisine can be found, for example, in Prague's Vinohrady district in the Ossegg restaurant. For starters, you can have a homemade pâté or homemade jelly, and confit duck leg or pork cheek goulash stew await you as the main courses. We must not forget the excellent special unfiltered and unpasteurised beers brewed directly in their own microbrewery located in the restaurant.

An interesting design interior, a selection of Pilsner beers on tap and modern Czech cuisine can be found in Žižkov. The certified Sou100 restaurant will tune you in, for example, to homemade pork rind spread with sourdough bread or duck liver pâté with blackcurrant sauce.

Among the new generation brewing restaurants, the microbrewery Malešice mikropivovar in Prague 10 deserves mention. In addition to their own special beers, specialties of various regional brands are also served here. You can taste, for instance, the famous black beer sausage or excellent Czech svíčková, a traditional meat dish with a creamy vegetable puree sauce and dumplings.