Royally Good Czechia!

Royally Good Czechia!

Tested by history

Royally Good Czechia!
We would like to invite you on a tour of places that commemorate the royal history of the Czech lands. Let’s get inspired!

Prague: The Seat of Czech Kings and Roman Emperors

When you say Prague, most people recall the iconic skyline of the Prague Castle, the majestic seat of Czech kings with St. Vitus Cathedral where kings were both crowned and buried. You can visit the crypt with the remains of Czech kings and queens during the tour of the cathedral. Over the centuries, Prague became the residence of the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire several times. You can learn about the history at the permanent exposition on the Gothic floor of the Old Royal Palace entitled The Story of Prague Castle where you can see authentic Gothic and Renaissance clothing and dishware used to serve food to kings and emperors.

Kutná Hora: From Czech Tolar to American Dollar!

Royal towns held an exceptional position among Czech towns as they were directly submitted to the ruler. One of the most famous royal towns is Kutná Hora with its silver mines that used to fill the royal treasury with silver and are one of the greatest tourist attractions today. There are many legends and mysteries about this town. Did you know that the name of the most famous currency in the world, the American dollar, comes from the silver tolar of Kutná Hora? You can learn other interesting facts on a  visit to this magical town.

Karlštejn: Why Did the Royal Treasure Disappear?

The majestic castle, the residence of Charles IV, one of the most important Bohemian kings, is set in a beautiful countryside southwest of Prague. It guarded the most precious treasure for centuries – the rare crown jewels, hidden within its walls to protect them from the Hussites. Travel back in time to the fourteenth century during a tour of the castle and you’ll even have the opportunity to go to heaven! How is that possible? You’ll see when you enter the Holy Cross Chapel with amazing decorations, styled as the heavens, including the Sun, stars and the Moon. All the saints will watch over you there.

Our Tip!

If you’d like to know what the crown jewels looked like between the fourteenth and sixteenth century, visit the Prague Castle where their copies are on display.

Krušovice: The Royal Brewery

Royal Spa

Spas have always been a popular destination for Europe‘s cream of the crop. Famous aristocrats, philosophers and well-known artists enjoyed the comfort, rich social life and countless romances here. Goethe met his beloved Ulrika for the first time here, the famous Beethoven composed the 9th Symphony here, and the Russian Tsar Alexander or the Austrian Empress Sisi came here regularly to draw new energy. And the tradition continues! Today, celebrities heading to the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival secure the annual excitement. In recent years, for example, Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson or Uma Thurman have all visited here. We'll leave it up to you to write your own story here.