Immerse Yourselves in the Depths of the Brno Underground
The second largest Czech city hides many mysteries. Especially the stories of the Brno underground would fill a whole book... What happened inside the legendary Špilberk hill where also the Nazis operated? What are the ‘inhabitants’ of the second largest ossuary in Europe hiding? Why were the twisting alleyways of the mysterious underground below the main square created? There’s only one thing left to do: go to the Brno underground and get to the bottom of the mysteries!

Become the Lord of the Rings

If you’re a fan of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit, you have definitely dreamt of standing in the very centre of Mordor. In Brno, you can get a bit closer to that dream. Just visit the historical cisterns inside Žlutý kopec. You’ll find yourselves in a different world, a bit like a computer game, in the underground halls, and they might remind you of the mysterious Yerebatan cistern in Istanbul… No wonder this technical landmark has become one of the most popular attractions in Brno.

The Largest One after Paris

The spooky spaces below the Jacob Square are equally mysterious. However, don’t expect to see spacious underground cathedrals as inside Žlutý kopec. You will find yourselves surrounded with the remains of thousands of people in the second largest ossuary in Europe, the first being in Paris!

Peek Inside a Medieval Fridge

Travel into the centre of Brno. The labyrinth of passageways and cellars, found up to eight metres below the pavement of the most famous Brno square, the Cabbage Market, will take you to the Middle Ages when the cool cellars were used instead of today’s refrigerators. The tour will take you to the oldest cellars in Brno!

Hidden Witnesses to the Brno History

You can also see the former cisterns at Špilberk, a castle rising above Brno. They used to supply Brno residents with water and today they ‘supply’ visitors with art. Admire original stone sculptures, tombstones and decorations from all of Brno in this underground stone collection, sheltered from harsh weather.

A Shelter Behind the Iron Curtain

The original air-raid shelter was dug into the Špilberk hill during WWII to protect people during American and Soviet bombing. It was transformed into an atomic bomb shelter for the elite by the communists. Fortunately, the shelter never had to be used and today you have the opportunity to explore it on your own. If you have nerves of steel, you should definitely try the night tours of the technical facilities of the shelter!

Mummies with Private Air-Conditioning

The picturesque Capuchin Square in the centre of Brno is where you will find the Capuchin Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross, below which there is a tomb where about two hundred monks and sponsors from the 17th and 18th centuries rest in peace. However, these are no ordinary remains. The sophisticated ventilation system, thanks to which the crypt has been ventilated for centuries, resulted in the natural mummification of the bodies. Also, several original painted Baroque coffins have been preserved there.

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