Hot news for the 2023 Czech Spa Season
Spas in Czechia prepare a range of new items and improvements for visitors every year. Come and take a look at what they have prepared for you this year.

Karlovy Vary: A bath with secret herbs of Becherovka and a visit to a Michelin chef.

When visiting Karlovy Vary, it is certainly worth trying the new Becher bath with the addition of  a secret mixture of herbs from the world-renowned Becherovka, at the Imperial Hotel. This unique, pleasantly aromatic, healing herbal infusion will improve the blood flow to your skin, muscles and even your brain. A new Asklepion aesthetic medicine centre, focusing on non-invasive cosmetic laser treatment, will open. The spa clinic at the Savoy Westend Hotel has prepared a range of new therapeutic programmes for treating lifestyle diseases in 2023. And if you visit after Easter, you can stay in the new, revitalised rooms of the hotel section of the Riverside Resort. As one of many events, first-class Michelin chef Alessandro Bellingeri will present Italian specialities at Grand Hotel Pupp.


Luhačovice Spa: The rebirth of the Sun spa

The therapeutic Luhačovice Spa celebrated success with post-Covid therapy using specially modulated laser radiation. In 2023, physicians at Sanatorium Miramare will use this effective method to focus on treatment of other chronic respiratory diseases. The spa town will be embellished by another architectural treasure, the famous Sun Spa by Duša Jurkovič, in the form of a museum with an exhibition on architect Dušan Jurkovič and music composer Leoš Janáček.

Mariánské Lázně: Find out more about the logic of pain and try exercising in virtual reality

At the Rübezahl Hotel in Mariánské Lázně, you can look forward to a new modern menu at the hotel’s à la carte restaurant. The hotel also offers specially priced golf-stay packages this year for golfing enthusiasts. You can now enjoy an Ayurvedic stay at the Reitenberger Spa Medical Hotel, and rehabilitation services that have newly been expanded by simple, entertaining and painless exercising in virtual reality with VR Medical glasses at the Royal Hotel. The Central Spa offers new innovative Five Konzept training, which treats the logic of pain using special equipment. And you now have a cryosauna available at Nové Lázně. This is the ideal way to recover when exhausted, boost your immune system, eliminate inflammation or reduce weight.
The completely renovated Art Nouveau Orea Spa Hotel Bohemia hotel with relaxation-physiotherapy centre, is also ready for visitors. In addition to traditional procedures, this year, Orea Spa Hotel Palace Zvon will also offer you cosmetic services, diamond micro-dermabrasion, kinesio taping, madero therapy, iodine-bromine baths and Candella candle massages. Both hotels are pet friendly and will even leave a lovely surprise for your pets in your room.

Jáchymov Spa: Enter the unique Sauna mine!

The unique Sauna Mine has been successfully reopened at Jáchymov Spa. The architects drew inspiration not only from the nature of the Krušné Mountains, but mainly from mining, which is a theme that is irrefutably linked to Jáchymov. In an environment imitating a mine, you will find several types of sauna, a cooling pool, a experience shower and, in the winter season, outdoor terraces with a herbal cooling area.
The Radium Palace and Běhounek Superior hotels offer special discounted stays for seniors 55+ and holders of a Senior pass in 2023. Or you can enjoy a special “Romantic” gourmet package during which you can look forward to à la carte dinners served at Modrá Restaurant and breakfasts served in your room.
The Hotel Astoria offers a new “Fit” package this year, which also includes free entry to Aquacentrum Agricola and the Sauna Mine or under-pressure therapy for effective fat burning. Another popular package is the “Wellness Astoria”, which attracts clients with its bubble bath and Thai aroma massage, among other treatments.

Teplice Spa: The relaxing magic of Císařské Spa

Císařské Spa in Teplice will commence full operation in June and will, once again, offer complex therapeutic stays specialising in disorders of the musculoskeletal system and nerve disorders. The local balneo facility with thermal spring offers a wide range of water treatments, rehabilitation treatments and other specialised therapies. The Aquathermojet dry massage bath, in which you can enjoy a massage while fully clothed, is a new experience. You can find everything under one roof at Císařské Spa, including the thermal pool, sauna and café with terrace and view of the park.


Poděbrady Spa

The Chariclea Hotel opened last year on the colonnade in Poděbrady. This hotel offers a swimming pool, wellness zone and the excellent O mase Restuarant. Come and try the popular spring wellness stay and experience the spa park in full bloom!

Velichovky Spa

Velichovky Spa is introducing new modern technologies in the field of rehabilitation and health care in the oncoming season. This concerns combined laser therapy, an in-depth treatment using a high-performance laser, which provides immediate pain relief. And also treatment with molecular hydrogen, which is an important antioxidant, has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and promotes mental and physical strength.
You can now improve the stability of your lower limbs under the supervision of a physiotherapist in the virtual environment using a Prokin balance platform. Or try the revolutionary Walker View therapy, which also takes place in the virtual environment and analyses correct posture and weight distribution when walking or running, in order to create the optimum training plan.


Beer Spa Beeerland

This Spa has opened a new branch in Prague in Hradčany in the U Zlaté Hrušky national cultural heritage building. This themed spa honours famous astrologist and alchemist Tycho Brahe, who once lived here. The spa rooms in the cellar have been renovated in a style that makes you feel as if you are in an alchemist’s workshop. The spa also offers accommodation in the first beer Chateaux in Prague, which offers suites in the Chic Glamour style.
And Beerland is preparing the grand opening of another branch, this time in the capital city of beer – Pilsen. This branch will be located in the very heart of the city, on náměstí Republiky, right opposite the famous Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew, in U Zlatého beránka house, which is also a national cultural heritage building.