The World Has Gone Mad, Go Offline!
The hectic modern world is overfilled with virtual adventures. It is not easy to disconnect and be in touch with reality. We have chosen several places in Czechia where you can enjoy a real adventure regardless of the data plan or display resolution.

1. Walk through the Clouds

The largest rope adventure park in Czechia can be found in the Dolní Morava resort. The local Adrenalin Park offers over 80 secured rope obstacles several meters above the ground. There is a rock-climbing wall where you can try a free fall or a giant tandem swing. You can also test your limits on the longest suspension bridge in the world. Finish the great day in Dolní Morava full of adrenaline at the Sky Walk with amazing views.

2. On a Boat from the Bottom of an Abyss

The caves in the Moravian Karst are some of the most beautiful underground spaces in Central Europe. This year, they are opening routes that used to be inaccessible and closed to the public, so you can admire the impressive dripstones. In the Punkva caves, you can go all the way down to the bottom of the Macocha abyss, from where a boat will take you back up along the underground river! And if you would like to experience even more adrenaline, visit Ostrov u Macochy. They have just opened a new speleological ferrata in the mysterious darkness of the underground. Overcome your fear suspended in rope footbridges, lifts and zip-lines.

3. In the Treetops

The Treetop Walkway in the Krkonoše Mountains in Janské Lázně in North Bohemia has expanded its area with a playground called Emil’s Forest World. You will find eleven new adventure elements for children of all ages. Moreover, both you and your children can enjoy a view from a height of 45 meters and indulge in the panorama of the highest Czech mountains. Our tip: Take the giant slide on the way down!

4. The Offline World

The basic idea behind the Frymburk Park in South Bohemia at Lipno is to spend leisure in nature and to return to games without any electronics. The Park offers off-road tricycle rides, summer tubing, a giant 85-meter-long slide, wakeboarding and much more.

5. Meeting Vinnetou

Forget about the everyday stress in the amazing atmosphere of the Western Town in Boskovice in Moravia! The spectacular open-air theatre show entitled Vinnetou will take you back to your childhood and teach your children about timeless values, such as courage, honour and true friendship. The all-day programme offers a lot of fun not only for families with children, but for all those who want to have fun or enjoy a romantic holiday.

Try some traditional crafts

The Botanicus Crafts Centre in the village of Ostrá in Central Bohemia offers a wide range of traditional crafts associated with nature conservation and a healthy lifestyle. You can learn ancient techniques used to make natural cosmetics, herbal preparations and candles, as well as how to sow, craft pottery and lots of other useful skills. While you’re there, you’ll meet a tinker, a potter, a roper and a paper-maker. You can take a stroll or relax in the herb gardens and labyrinths right by the centre. Come and immerse yourself in a world of nature and crafts!