David Černý and his giant butterflies
Artist David Černý is a very well-known figure. He’s now in the spotlight again with his two huge butterflies on the façade of the Máj department store. The butterflies change colour, move their wings and their body shape is reminiscent of British Spitfire fighter planes. Máj Národní, a listed building in the centre of Prague, opened with a brand new interior bursting with colour. And the two butterflies look down on a bustling city street.

Butterflies as a symbol of peace

David Černý is known not only by art lovers. He became famous for a bus doing push-ups he displayed in London during the Olympics. People from all over the world admire his giant spinning head of Franz Kafka in the courtyard of the Máj department store (a favourite spot for Instagrammers of all kinds, by the way), and a huge controversy has been stirred by his statue of Lilith, a giant naked woman supporting one of the blocks of flats in Karlin, a fancy district in Prague.

Národní třída in Prague, which brings pedestrians from Wenceslas Square to the National Theatre and to the Vltava River, has been a witness to many historical milestones. This is where the revolutionary events of November 1989 began and it was along here that the triumphal march of Czechoslovak airmen, who helped defend the free world from Nazism in Spitfire fighter planes, passed shortly after the end of World War II.

Entertainment comes first

After two years of renovation
work, the Máj department store was given not only a new façade but, most importantly, a completely new concept full of fun, colour and games, including a rooftop bar with a terrace offering a breathtaking view of the whole of Prague - Prague Castle, Strahov Monastery, Petřín Observation Tower, the National Theatre or the Žižkov TV Tower.

Several floors belong to pure entertainment and toys, one floor is dedicated to children and of course there is also a food zone. The entire interior is illuminated by dozens of luxurious crystal chandeliers by master glassmakers.

So come and see what the butterflies and the new Máj department store look like: