World Environment Day
World Environment Day, which falls on 5 June, is a global celebration of nature and sustainability. This day is an opportunity not only to reflect on the state of our planet but also to get actively involved in protecting the environment. There are a number of events around Czechia that you can attend to mark the occasion.

History and significance

World Environment Day was declared by the United Nations (UN) in 1972 and has since become one of the most important days for raising awareness of environmental issues.

Did you know?

Plastics have a significant impact on our planet and health. Their excessive use and improper processing cause pollution of the environment and the oceans. Plastics break down very slowly, often taking hundreds of years to decompose. In addition, many contain harmful chemicals that can find their way into food and water, posing a risk to our health. It is important to reduce our consumption of plastics and seek greener alternatives to protect the environment and ourselves.

Get involved!

Follow the principles of the 4 Rs: Rethink, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. We can all do our part to protect the planet by trying to minimise the amount of plastics we use.
1.         Reduce: Here in Czechia, one way we can reduce our plastic consumption is to shop from local retailers in markets, which often use less packaging. We can also favour shops that offer the option to use our own packaging or bags, thus reducing the use of single-use plastic packaging.

Like organic vegetables and a laid-back atmosphere?

2.         Reuse: Reuse reusable water or coffee bottles. We can also support shops that offer products that can be replenished by weight or in their own packaging.

3.         Recycle: It is important to properly sort the waste and dispose of it in the appropriate collection yards or containers.
4.         Renew: You can volunteer in a number of initiatives and projects, such as the “Planting Czechia” scheme, which is all about planting trees and revitalising the Czech landscape. Another option is to take part in plogging, an activity that combines jogging with cleaning up the countryside (picking up litter). You can go plogging in forests, parks or on hiking trails throughout Czechia.

For tips on how to support World Environment Day and sustainable travel, see: