Saunas, steam baths and massages are clearly a part of the modern style of life, but mental and physical relaxation and therapy has actually been helping people since time immemorial. The warm dry air warms and cleanses the body and soul while a massage loosens up tired muscles.

Although saunas and taking saunas does not have a many centuries-old tradition in the Czech Republic as in other European countries, in the last few decades, this method of relaxation and strengthening of health has found its way into almost all major hotels aimed at wellness and spa treatment. Where can you find the best and most interesting sauna complexes in the Czech Republic?

Cedrus Spa - Sauna World

Let yourself be pampered in the unique concept of a sauna world near Pardubice in Eastern Bohemia, whose main motive is to return to the very roots of the sauna. There you will find private saunas, outdoor plunge pools, sauna bars, Russian banya saunas, which have a slightly lower temperature than Finnish saunas, but up to 40% more moisture, steam rooms, ice fountains and Kneipp walkways, which are formed through pebbles and alternating hot and cold water. You can even look forward to wood heating right in the sauna, which is a unique way of heating.

Hotel Horal in Velké Karlovice

The stylish mountain hotel Horal is situated above a typical Wallachian highland valley, surrounded by forests and meadows of Beskydy. It is focused on the total relaxation of a person with the help of wellness. You can find a number of thermal pools and a sauna world there, which are spread over two floors below the main terrace of the hotel Horal. Enjoy the Dome sauna, where interesting sauna rituals take place, along with an herbal sauna, herbal steam bath, tepidarium (dry relaxation sauna with a temperature of 38°Cand for your relaxation and immune system support the Kneipp walkway is prepared for you.

Spa Center in Aquapalace

You will find one of the biggest Czech wellness complexes in Aquapalace near Prague. Treat your body to soothing natural treatments and let yourself be taken care of by top professionals in the field of body care. Sauna world, as the department's called, is very varied - classic Finnish saunas, Roman baths (which are Turkish baths with a lower temperatures and higher humidity), or northern outside cabins or earth banyas.

Sauna centre at the hotel STEP Prague

Hotel STEP in Prague district of Vysočany boasts a whole complex of saunas and wellness facilities. The saunas are located both in the building and outside on the roof of the hotel. In the wintertime you can enjoy the feeling that you can only experience while relaxing after a sauna in the frosty air. The operation of the wellness center is year-round from 9 am to 11 pm. There you will find a swimming pool, whirlpools, a steam bath with herbal essences and salt, Finnish, tropical and honey saunas, an outdoor cabin sauna and a silent fireplace sauna designed for absolute relaxation.

Spa on a boat in Prague

It’s not only unconventional types of sauna that provide an interesting experience, but also taking saunas in unusual places. During the winter season you can also take a sauna directly in the center of Prague in the Czech Republic on a boat overlooking Prague’s Hradčany. In the Spa on a boat (Lázně na lodi), you can even jump right into the Vltava River after a sauna and do a few frozen temps with a view of Prague Castle. The sauna is small and usually full, so we recommend booking at least a few days in advance.