Pardubice is a town smelling of gingerbread and forever associated with the famous Velká pardubická (Great Pardubice) steeplechase. The city lies in the Labe lowlands, in a landscape marked by meadows, deciduous forests and historic canals reminiscent of a big chateau park.

The toughest horse race in Europe

Pardubice is a horse town. It even has a (halved) horse in its emblem! Enjoy a race at the racecourse where the Velká pardubická (Great Pardubice) steeplechase takes place every year. You can even take a walk along the course of the toughest and oldest horse race in continental Europe and take a close-up look at the feared Great Taxis Ditch, which is jumped only once a year, in a single race, as it is one of the world‘s most difficult obstacles! Take a look at the near UNESCO stud farm in Kladruby nad Labem, where Kladruber Old White horses are reared.

Been to Pardubice Chateau?

In the very centre of Pardubice is Perštýnské náměstí, surrounded by Renaissance houses. Climb to the lookout platform of the Zelená Gate (Zelená brána) for views of the city and surrounding area, including the nearby Renaissance chateau, from the late 15th and early 16th century, in all its glory. The chateau’s interior contains the oldest Renaissance frescos in Bohemia, exhibitions of the Gallery of East Bohemia and the Museum of East Bohemia. The chateau also serves as the venue for diverse social events, theatre performances and concerts.

Fun on your travels

Year-round fun and games by the water can be had at Aquacentrum Pardubice, a water park with several indoor and outdoor pools, several water attractions and a wellness centre. If you venture out into the area around Pardubice, be sure to visit Kunětice Mountain and its castle. At the foot of the mountain is the modern Golf Resort Kunětická Hora, with an 18-hole golf course and cycle trail. Worthy of attention, too are Slatiňany with its chateau and Museum of Hippology, park, stud farm and Old Kladruber Horse Museum.

The touching story of the horse cut in half

And why does Pardubice have half a horse on its coat of arms? When Ješek of Pardubice was fighting in the campaign waged by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa in 1158, although he managed to escape the enemy besieging Milan, as he was riding through the city gate the iron portcullis cut his horse in half right through the middle. However, the brave warrior didn’t want to leave the beast that had served him faithfully so many years to the mercy of the enemy, and so he dragged it away with all his might.

After this courageous deed Ješek was made an aristocrat and became the legendary founder of the Lords of Pardubice, whose coat of arms was adopted by the town of Pardubice.

Welcome to Pardubice

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