Our Baroque House boasts environmentally friendly operations and proudly holds both national and EU Ecolabel certifications. What's more, our commitment to providing a special experience for families with children has earned us the prestigious Krkonoše - Original Experience label.

Discover a unique fusion of historical charm and modern eco-consciousness here at our house, nestled in the tranquil eastern slopes of the Krkonoše Mountains in the village of Horní Maršov. Surrounded by rich historical heritage, our location is conveniently accessible via public transport along the Trutnov - Pec pod Sněžkou route, serving as the perfect gateway for your explorations.

Indulge in our full-board offerings, featuring locally sourced and seasonal delights, with a focus on organic ingredients. Guests are also invited to unleash their culinary creativity in our original black kitchen. Our facilities are versatile, catering to educational and cultural events alike, with accommodation options including 30 beds across 8 rooms, with additional spaces available in an adjacent building.

At DOTEK, we're dedicated to sustainable tourism, offering our guests seven immersive experiences that celebrate our harmonious relationship with nature, the mountains, and our community. Embark on themed adventure trails, partake in interactive quests, hone your skills in craft workshops, or join our guided tours brimming with captivating stories. Explore the wonders of our nature garden, complete with a small farm and a playground for little adventurers.