Old Bohemian craft markets
The tradition has its roots in the Turnov markets of the 15th century. In recent years, this annual event has been revived in the center of Turnov, a city in the middle of Bohemian Paradise, and follows up on the medieval craft fairs. The market provides a space for getting to know the wealth of traditional folk crafts and is a meeting place for groups and artists presenting traditional folklore genres and alternative culture such as music and theater. Artisans from different regions of the Czech Republic and abroad are represented at the markets. For lovers of folklore and folk, there will be brass bands, humor and dance. Through the selection of the groups of amateur theaters, dance groups and last but not least, the choice of the manufacturers - craftsmen - the organizers try to bring new trends of contemporary lifestyles into awareness and encourage a return to traditional folk culture and art, and teach the general public learn to use these traditional expressions as inspiration for contemporary music and visual arts, which leads to the use of organic ingredients and a healthy lifestyle.