World Rowing Championships Račice
Canoe stars will compete in Račice. Don`t miss this great opportunity to see all the stars in one place!Labe Arena in Račice was built in the bend of the Elbe river between Roudnice nad Labem and Štětí - and is the gateway to the Central Bohemian Mountains.
Račice canal is a unique sports area that meets the requirements for organizing top canoeing and rowing events or training camps. Thanks to its location in the heart of Europe, only 60 kilometers from Prague, modern equipment and a mild climate, it is an ideal venue for international competitions.

The total length of the channel of 2,350 meters enables the organization of races at all canoeing distances from 200 to 1,000 meters, in the case of rowing, races of 2,000 meters. There is also a return channel, which is connected to the main channel roughly in the middle, which allows for better and smoother traffic on the racetrack.

The five-story finish tower is unmissable, the site is equipped with a boathouse, changing rooms for competitors, showers, accommodation facilities, a spacious parking lot, an administrative building, a modern conference room, a restaurant and a grandstand for 5,000 spectators.

A five-kilometer-long path surrounds the canal, which is suitable for roller skating.