Austerlitz – Commemoration of the anniversary of the Battle of Austerlitz
You can commemorate the most famous Napoleonic battle, Austerlitz, at the château in Slavkov near Brno, at the Peace Monument, and other places every year in late November and early December.

The battle took place on December 2nd, 1805, and using ingenious tactics the French emperor was able to defeat a much greater force in a more strategic position. One of the most attractive points of the program is a battle reenactment near the village of Tvarožná with nine hundred soldiers in period uniforms. There will be an evening parade with fireworks in Slavkov, with a final act of piety taking place at the Peace Monument. The commemorative event will include military camps, concerts, and an advent crafts fair on Slavkov Square and in the courtyard of the château. Guests can also enjoy costumed tours of Slavkov Château by Napoleon himself.

The commemorations are not a celebration of Napoleon or his victory, and certainly not a celebration of the war or the battle. The international political and war events that profoundly affected Europe in their time have become a means of meeting and a common interest for many people from many countries of the world. The aim of the events is to commemorate and promote knowledge of a common European history.

Admission to the event is FREE except for the tribune. Tickets for the VIP Tribune are available for pre-sale on Ticketstream and on Ticketmaster
All-day program in Tvarožná, camp on the village square, historical fair.


Tvarožná, Slavkov u Brna