Museum on the demarcation line in Rokycany
The Museum on the Demarcation Line in Rokycany is the biggest non-state museum in the Czech Republic. Its founder and operator is the Czech army land forces foundation.
The outdoor exhibition consist mainly of more than 190 military vehicles mostly in a mobile condition. There are vehicles from the WWII, post war equipment of the Czechoslovak People’s  Army (ČSLA), large exhibitions of armoured personel carries, tanks and artillery pieces as well as the army engineer support, communication and anti-aircraft technology. Among the most valuable exhibits is the T-34 tank made in 1944, an American halftrack armoured personnel carrier and Škoda Superb 1938 command car. Ona can also admire such legends as the Soviet T-72 tank, American Studebacker vehicle and many other exhibits. Due to its fully functional condition the military equipment on display is used for various military historical events in the Czech Republic and also by domestic and foreign filmmakers. Visitors can see vehicles used by Nicolas Cage, Natasja Kinski, Martin Dejdar or Michael York. The museum equipment can be seen in films such as The Elementary School, Lidice, Tobruk, Colette, Kolja, Wild Land, Dark Blue World, Hell-boy, Lord of War and others.
The indoor exhibitions represent a unique treatment of the 1914 – 1945 period in Czechoslovakia using multimedia displays, diorama models and 3D exhibits. In eight exhibion hall the visitor can live though the story of our country from 1914 to 1945. One can experience the proces of building the border fortifications, or the adventure of the night attack of the police station in 1938. Together with the Czech soldiers visitors can enter the military forts during mobilization and also experience the subsequent demobilization and retreat from defensive positions. The diorama of the offensive positions in the 1938 in West Bohemia uses a moving functional model of the army transport train laden with „first republic“ military equipment. in the indoor exhibition is a life size model has been built of the light fortification patter 37 b, including a fully equiped interior.


Muzeum na demarkační linii v Rokycanech
Šťáhlavská 1284
337 01 Rokycany