Kašperské Hory and Kašperk Castle
Charles IV had this castle built to protect the gold-bearing city Kašperkské Hory and the newly established trade routes connecting the Czech kingdom with Bavaria. The castle’s massive fortifications are testament to the fact that the ruler was serious about this protection. The side towers were built without any openings whatsoever other than bay windows. In the interactive tour Build your Own Castle you can learn everything there is to know about the trades needed to build a medieval castle and you will even be able to try out your skills. The best efforts will receive a small gift as a souvenir.

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A sentry castle near the Bavaria border was built by the Czech King and the Roman Emperor Charles IV in order to protect the gold-bearing Kašperské Hory and the newly built trade route connecting the Czech Kingdom with Bavaria. As a proof of friendship he put it into the pledge of his loyal and wise Prague archbishop and the fi rst Czech cardinal, Jan Očko of Vlašim. The king also entrusted him with the education of his small son, the future sovereign, Václav IV.


Žlíbek 55, 341 92 Kašperské Hory