When you arrive in Český Krumlov, you will be captivated at first glance by the monumental panorama of the chateau here, which rises above the picturesque Renaissance architecture of the adjacent little town. Taking a walk through the historical centre will, thanks to its inimitable medieval character, leave you in no doubt as to why Český Krumlov is one of the gems included on the UNESCO list.

Immediately past the chateau gate, you will find yourself in a world of elegant buildings and spacious courtyards. Don’t forget to make the acquaintance of the bears in the castle moat, as they are an inherent part of the town’s character. You can choose from several sightseeing tours, during which you will get to know not only the life of the aristocracy here, but will also visit the wonderfully decorated Masquerade Hall or the unique Baroque Theatre, which is one of the best preserved in the world.

Romantic views over the gardens and area below the castle

No tour of the chateau in Český Krumlov would be complete without climbing the Chateau Tower. From here you gain one of the most beautiful views over the picturesque old town. The tour of the chateau also includes a visit to the extensive gardens, in which cultural performances are very frequently held in the unique revolving auditorium of the theatre. You can also make your stay in this fairytale town all the more pleasant by taking in opera, theatre or ballet performances at this elegant venue, where you can enjoy plays and operas written and composed by the most famous of the world’s dramatists such as William Shakespeare or Giuseppe Verdi.

The perfect harmony of medieval beauty

The opposite bank of the Vltava, which is connected with the chateau by a small bridge, is home to the old town, where it is above all the unique medieval architecture of the original town houses which awaits you, but also taverns and last but not least the Church of St. Vitus, which holds the Tomb of the Rožmberk Family. Make sure to reward yourself for taking an evening walk with a view of the illuminated five-storey bridge, which links the Upper Castle with the building of the chateau theatre.

All you need to do is walk around…

The best way to get to know the fairytale beauty of the historical centre of Český Krumlov is to walk around its picturesque narrow lanes, take in the multicoloured facades of the town houses, wander into the traditional little shops or visit one of the many cultural events. Only in this way will you get to know this town, which was the seat of the Rožmberk Family, who chose Český Krumlov as their residence. The Rožmberks were one of the wealthiest families in the kingdom and gradually took control of a significant part of Southern Bohemia, where under the influence of the Italian Renaissance they intensively established towns and representative residences, thus contributing towards the advancement of the whole region.