Svornosti Square in Český Krumlov
The main square deserves attention due to its rich history and copious decoration. Its square-shaped plan and arrangement of houses and streets are clearly linked to the medieval foundations of the city. 
Probably the most remarkable building on the Svornosti Square is House no. 1, in which the Town Hall is currently located. Its front side was built in the early 17th century by merging two older Gothic buildings. On the facade there are four symbols: from the left it is the Eggenberg symbol, the symbol of the Czech lands, the Schwarzenberg symbol and finally the symbol of Český Krumlov. In the hall of the building, fragments of mural paintings from the first half of the 15th century were uncovered in 2000. They probably depict the Three Wise Men kneeling in worship of Jesus. The main landmark of the square is the plague column with a statue of the Holy Virgin with eight saints, patrons of the town and protectors against the plague. The column is encircled by a six-sided stone fountain dating from the 19th century.