Darkov Spa in Karviná

Darkov Spa in Karviná

Prehistoric water at the Darkov spa!

Iodine- and bromine-rich mineral water – this is the greatest asset of the Darkov spa in Karviná. For 150 years this unique mineral water has been helping patients from around world get back on their feet. If you suffer from poor health, make your way to this spa, well known for its tranquil ambience – a truly soothing experience for body and soul.

Thanks to the excellent curative properties of the local springs, which contain water from the Tertiary period, the spa at Darkov can help you with muscular-skeletal complaints, neurological problems, skin issues, circulatory disease and cardiovascular complaints. Its reputation is borne out by the fact that following injury during the Thai tsunami, the famous Czech model Petra Němcová was treated here. At present the top-quality care here is popular among a Czech and Arab clientele.

Big freeze

The clinic at Darkov consists of eight buildings – some of them listed – surrounded by a beautiful spa park. There’s the Rehabilitation Clinic where you can stay, eat and undergo spa procedures, as well as enjoying most of the services you need for a satisfying break. You can also relax and unwind in the wellness centre boasting pools and saunas, or at the Regeneration Centre, where you can enjoy a relaxing massage, bathing or peat wraps. If you really want to try something different, head for the spa’s “polarium”. Using extreme temperatures of down to -130oC, this treatment is hugely beneficial for inflammation, healing and the immune system.

Boredom never strikes at Darkov

Have a few spare moments between spa procedures? Then head off to explore the town and the surrounding area. But you won’t need to go far as the historical centre is just a kilometre from the spa park. After a pleasant walk past the historical townhouses, you could rent a small boat from the boatyard in the Božena Němcová Park or visit the elegant Fryštát Chateau, built in the Empire style and housing a branch of the National Gallery (Czech 19th-century art). If you’re here taking the cure in high season, the spa’s event-packed Summer of Music is an unmissable part of any stay.

Where next?

The Church of St Peter of Alcantara near Karviná is dubbed the “Czech Pisa” and as you approach it you’ll immediately see why. Due to mine subsidence, this small Baroque church is out of kilter by 6.8 degrees and has sunk almost 40 m. If you feel at home in big cities, then head to Ostrava to discover some very special industrial heritage sites, some of Europe’s most important, and to visit Slezkoostravský Castle.


Lázně Darkov, a.s.
Čsl. armády 2954/2
733 12 Karviná-Hranice