A spa oasis with a wealth of natural resources set in the midst of soothingly enchanting countryside – this is the West Bohemian spa town of Konstantinovy Lázně. The discovery of mineral water here with the highest concentrations of CO2 in Bohemia led to the construction of a spa complex. This special H2O can cure many an ailment and restore you to full health and strength.

Staff at Konstantinovy Lázně focus on treating problems with the circulatory and cardiovascular systems, muscular-skeletal ailments, metabolism complaints and diseases affecting the respiratory system. They can work wonders using just natural cold mineral water that rises from a depth of 40m.

Come and unwind…

In the town itself visitors can employ the services of ten spa houses. One of the best known is the Jirásek spa hotel, where you’ll find a rehabilitation pool and a restaurant incorporating a very pleasant coffeehouse. The Prusík spa house offers comprehensive procedure programmes and is the main spa facility. However, you can also enjoy Konstantinovy Lázně even if you have no health issues whatsoever. At the Konstantin Wellness Centre the staff will take good care of your jaded frame and stressed mind. For instance, you can try melon, lemon, honey, sage and chocolate face packs, and the exclusive champagne packs are said to result in visibly younger skin. Another relaxing procedure is wine therapy and a wine pack applied to the entire body.

The heady aroma of herbs

Are you a fresh air fanatic? Then Konstantinovy Lázně may be the ideal place for you. The surrounding area is one of the least polluted in the entire Czech Republic, and is crisscrossed by 450km of marked cycling, hiking, nature and Nordic walking trails. The town also boasts a football pitch, volleyball and tennis courts and areas set aside for mini-golf, pétanque and curling. Nor should you forget to have a sip of the local Konstantin herb liqueur which every local restaurant and tavern is happy to offer on its menu.

Where next?

Fancy a bit of culture? If so, head out into the surroundings of Konstantinovy Lázně, packed with the results of human endeavour. A tour of the monastery in Kladruby, boasting one of the most attractive churches in the country, is a truly memorable experience. Then you can hear tales of centuries gone by at the Premonstratensian monastery in Teplá, which contains the Czech Republic’s second largest library.




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