Restaurant Spojka Karlín

Restaurant Spojka Karlín

Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or meat lover, you will enjoy the 1st flexitarian restaurant in Czechia!

In the morning a pleasant café with hearty breakfasts, at lunchtime a restaurant with great nutritionally balanced meals, in the evening a paradise for lovers of experiential gastronomy, on weekends a paradise for brunch lovers, for everyone - vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers. This is a flexitarian restaurant in Prague with a bakery and pastry shop.

Most of the dishes at Spojka are prepared by hand from scratch, using ingredients that are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. They even ferment fruit for lemonades and vegetables. You have to try Spojka's kombucha or ginger beer.

In addition to the plethora of flavours, you will be enchanted by the design interior with a mini jungle - nearly 500 different plants will keep you company!

What is flexitarianism?

Flexitarianism is a sustainable trend that does not completely restrict meat and animal products but only reduces their consumption in view of the ecological impact that animal production causes. Therefore, all the meat you order at Spojka is organic or free-range.


Restaurant Spojka Karlín
Pernerova 697/35
186 00 Praha 8