On Your Mark, Get Set, Cycle! The 10 Best Single Tracks in the Czech Republic

On Your Mark, Get Set, Cycle! The 10 Best Single Tracks in the Czech Republic

An active holiday in the Czech Republic. Enjoy single tracks for adventurous riders and for families with children.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Cycle! The 10 Best Single Tracks in the Czech Republic
Do you love riding on mountain bikes in the terrain? Then be sure to visit one of the single tracks in the Czech Republic. Riding from a hill along a path wide enough for one bicycle will pump your body with adrenaline, or you can choose something less difficult, which even families with children will enjoy.


1. Singletrek pod Smrkem

The first site for terrain cycling in the Czech Republic, Singletrek pod Smrkem, which means “Single Track below the Spruce”, can be found in the Jizery Mountains near Nové Město pod Smrkem close to the Polish border. There you can find more than 70 km of decent trails along 12 routes, to which you can get from three starting places. No matter which one you choose, you cannot stray. Everywhere there is a friendly biking atmosphere, and you will enjoy returning.

2. Trail Park Klínovec

In the Ore Mountains in Western Bohemia in the municipal forests of Jáchymov you will find 24 km of smooth descending trails. The trails are sorted into three levels of difficulty, and the right degrees of difficulty can be found by beginners in cycling families with children as well as more experienced riders. The most talented riders will find 5 km of downhill stretches. A four-seat cable car will take you back to the beginning of the trails. If you are a total beginner, you can first try out a ride along a terrain field to a pump track and improve your skills in the skill centres at the starting points.

3. Špindl Bike Park in Svatý Petr

Špindl Bike Park can be found a short distance from the centre of Špindlerův Mlýn in the direction of Svatý Petr in the Giant Mountains. The Bike Park in Svatý Petr offers a total of six routes, so you can enjoy the ski slopes also in the summer on a bicycle. Both total beginners and experienced bikers will find what they are looking for. Of course, bike rental as well as service, including bike washing, are available.

4. Bikepark Špičák

Bikepark Špičák in Šumava is currently the most progressively developing bike park in Bohemia. The Bikepark offers the option of combining freeride, downhill, north shore and jumping. And since the bike park is focused mainly on freeride and downhill, you can also find a jumping section, a single track and for beginners a centre for developing skills, which is by the boarding station of the cable car. The routes are run partially through forests and partially along slopes, and none of the routes is missing wooden obstacles and other enhancements.

5. Specialised Bikepark Lipno

The routes in this location are suitable for families with children and beginning riders. You can look forward to 3 km of adventurous rides in the forest and to the Jezerní sjezdovce slopes, with a breath-taking view of Lipno. Your comfort and quick transport will be taken care of by a four-seat cable car, and there of course will also be the option of borrowing equipment at the cable car.


6. Cyklo Arena Vysočina

The mountain bike trails at Vysočina Arena correspond to the tradition of MTB racing in Nové Město na Moravě. For terrain riding fans, there are nearly 30 km of trails prepared for fans, divided into 5 degrees of difficulty. You can find technical non-demanding, fun and safe trails for children, nature trails for cyclists with disabilities using wheelchairs or hand bikes or truly demanding trails for experienced bikers, which in their difficulty stem from the latest trends in trail construction in the Mountain Biking World Cup. By the end of the summer of 2018, another adrenaline sport site will be built for cyclists, known as the pump track.

7. The Rychleby Trails

The Rychleby Trails begin and end in the municipality of Černá Voda in the Golden Mountains in Moravia north of the town of Jeseník. They consist of a sophisticated network of trails, and they are ideal both for demanding riders and for entire families of cyclists. The site includes a super camp ground, an information centre, an excellent bike rental shop, a service facility and last, but not least, a field, where you can test your skills. The routes totalling more than 40 km will take you across thick fields and through brush, and in some places they run only through a fine cut in the earthy soil, and elsewhere through stones.

8. Bikepark Kopřivná

This bike park in the Jeseníky Mountains not far from Šumperk offers 4 trails with a total length of 12 km. Pump a huge dose of adrenaline into your veins on demanding trails, or enjoy a family outing in the heart of the Jeseníky Mountains on non-demanding riding trails. You can even leave your bikes at home. Like in other bike parks, here to you can also borrow bikes. You can use the testing centre’s services.

9. Singletrail Moravský kras

A classic trail centre without cable cars. The hills here are not large, so the upward climb will not take much strength. You can choose from three trails with a total length of just under 30 km. Two routes are suitable for children, and the third is suitable only for experienced riders.

10. Bikepark Kouty nad Desnou

The bike park spreads 20 km from the town of Šumperk towards Jeseník. Your fun will be ensured by four trails and a six-seat cable car with the largest passenger capacity per hour in the Czech Republic. The bike park will attract visitors to 30 km of trails. All of them begin in the top cable car station of Medvědí hora (Bear Mountain) (1,100 m above sea level), from where you can take cycling trails to the top reservoir at Dlouhé Stráně, where there is also a 2.5 km circle for inline skating at an elevation of 1,350 m above sea level and breath-taking view of the entire Jeseníky Mountains.