Erected between the Orlické Mountains and Jeseníky Mountains in 2015, the Sky Walk is a wooden structure 55 metres above the ground that will take you beyond the tree tops and even higher. Standing some 1116 metres above sea level, its top section commands a beautiful view of the Králický Sněžník massif as well as the valley of the River Morava.
The unique structure of the Sky Walk is quite easy to negotiate, as it is well accessible even for children’s prams. And if you do get a bit tired after your ascent into the clouds, on your way back you can try the 101 metre long toboggan. The Sky Walk is open all year round, but please check in advance that it is actually open, because it may be shut due to unfavourable weather conditions. However, you can always indulge in some fun activities in the Dolní Morava Relax & Sport Resort in all weathers.


Velká Morava 58
Dolní Morava 561 69 Králíky